Friday, October 31, 2008

First Meeting Tuesday December 2, Ames Library

Wow Just around the corner..... We are so excited to be able to get this year started....Better late than never. For those of you who have not turned in your Form for the first meeting please do so, as we need to order registration forms from the Vista Office and will need a close count. To those of you who have, Welcome !

A couple things to remeber for the first meeting:
*Daisy Tunics Khaki Pants Uniform will not be worn until after the Investiture Ceremony in February. Until then, Blue or White shirt/ Any pants, shirt etc.
*Girls will be picked up from their classrooms by Leaders and will be brought to the daisy Meeting. Girls will have snack/independent activity till meeting starts @ 3:30.
* Parents must come in to pick up their Daisy and sign out.

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