Friday, December 05, 2008

Our First Outing was a success

Hello Brave Daisies and Parents….

If they had a polar bear petal, it think we would have earned it last night. It was sure cold, but our tree looks wonderful.

We had 24 girls last night and 25+ parents for our first outing…..Fantastic!

A big thank you to Grumpies for their “special” hot chocolate and cookies…. If you get a chance to stop in at the Riverside Walk…please do and Tell them Hi from the Daisies….

So many of you had such good questions for us last night I hope to have them all answered in this email as well as through the original information form. ( see attachment : some readers may not keep original formatting of the booklet) Thank you for your patience with us as we iron out the kinks in our new troop. We have 27 girls with the possibility of 2 girls from Blythe joining us!

I have received the paperwork from the Vista and will be distributing it next week. In your paperwork there is one form for your Daisy, a health form and 1 form for the adult in your family to join.

Your Dues check $30 & $10 adult fee can be made out to Joan Kanatas as we are in the process of setting up our Checking account for the troop. I was asked if this can be made out in one check…. I checked again today and yes, one check for $40 will be fine. If you have already written out two, that is fine as well. If you already have a girl Scout or brownie and have paid a $10 adult fee, you will not need to submit a separate one to us, as you will already be registered/covered under the Girl Scout insurance.

Because we are just getting these to you, please just have them turned in to us at the next meeting ( see attachment for dates) or to the Winkler house by Dec 31. 8052 Country Club Lane, North Riverside.

COOKIE SALE: Begins Jan 1st: We wont have information for you till our first meeting after the new year due to the School Break but here are some basics
Daisies cannot sell door to door ( only to friends and family)
Our Daisies will not be selling at local businesses ( there is plenty of time for that in their Girl scout careers)
Cookie sales in our troop are NOT mandatory. If you wish to opt out of the sale, please just send us a note declining.
Cookie money will go into a troop fund to support fun troop activities for the entire troop.
Therese Kourim, ( my neighbor) has graciously offered to be our Cookie MOM and for those of you who have done this or have had other girl scouts who have sold cookies…. Know that this is a brave task and three cheers for Therese!!!

Our Daisies will have min of 1 Camping experience.
It will be in the late spring
It will be in a bunkhouse, not tents, with running water and a toilet.
It is not mandatory
1 parent will need to join us if their Daisy chooses to attend.

Will be earned as a troop during troop meetings.
Will be presented to girls at the investiture and Bridges ceremony

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, Dec. 18th
We are looking for 5 additional moms to assist with the craft, Please email or call one of the leaders if you are available to help out.

Yours in Scouting,

Wendy Winkler
Joan Kanatas
Renata Coffey
Katherine Kowal

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