Friday, April 03, 2009

April 3rd meeting update

What a great meeting.... Parents please remind your Daisies to water their Daisies regularly. Once you have your flowers a couple of inches ( and the weather gets above the frost levels) help your Daisy transplant their flowers into a garden bed. The packaging popcorn could also be planted to help with the drainage....we are all about the GO GREEN message here. Thanks to the Raffensperger /Schill Family for donating the packing peanuts.  

And let us offer our sincerest apologies if for the next week you hear nothing more than " Oh I wish I were a little Mosquito"  Its a great camp song and we are going to continue to teach the girls more camp favorites that we can sing around the camp fire. So just think only 2 more weeks before you hear a different song....  :)

Notices: 2 notes went home with your Daisy
1. Bake sale information: You must email me first if you and your Daisy are going to paricipate because Mrs. Levine will just think it is a general donation otherwise.  I will give her a list and she will mark off your name when you deliver your goodies.
2. Camp permission slips: ( On the reverse side of the Bake sale information (GO GREEN)
These forms are due to me by the 17th so that we can make all the traveling arrangements and finalize the numbers for meal planning and activities.  Please remember that we are unable to accomodate siblings at this time. There will be a zoo trip over the summer that all families members will be welcomed to attend.

Looking to the future:
Next meeing: Lt. Basak from the NRFD will come by to speak to the girls about the importance of making a Home Fire Safety plan and give us a date for our a visit to the NRFD and the HOME SAFETY MOBILE Display.  Permission slips will go out.

I know for many of our Daisy Families, this is their Easter Holiday time.  We wish you well and have a safe and Happy Easter.

Yours In Scouting,
Wendy Winkler

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