Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daisy Information 02/21/09

Dear Parents,

 What can I say…we have a great group of girls…and a great group of parents, family and friends. I was so pleased at the turn out to our very first Investiture Ceremony.  You can be proud in the fact that participating in events such as these shows your daughter that what she accomplishes in life ( even in Kindergarten and first grade) is important to you too and that will help her become a strong independent girl. (I know I’m not ready for this either but I know it is inevitable, heck I barely made it through the pinning and  21 of the girls we not even my own child!)

 I hope that you and your Daisy enjoyed the evening. So nice to see siblings as well as grandparents. Most of all I hope that each of your Daisies had a wonderful night honoring her accomplishments. I know I did.

 I don’t know how I let this slip threw the cracks Friday but I did not get a chance to express my sincerest Thanks to Lisa Hennelly and her wonderful crew of helper moms/dads.  Not only did she make our vision come to life, she exceeded what we imagined! Knowing that the reception part of the evening was well taken care of, allowed each of us leaders the opportunity to enjoy the evening with our daughters as well.  So please when you see Lisa give her a hearty Girl Scout thumbs up because she really earned it! Thank you also to all the moms and dads who stayed afterwards to get the school back to order! This is what makes our troop work so well!

 Patches:Daisy is the only patch to be ironed on in the front beside the American flag if you have it. All fun patches go on the back side of tunic.

 1st grade Daisies who are Bridging to Brownies: March 9th /3;15 p.m. Multipurpose room, we have been invited to attend a Brownie meeting with the Ames Brownies.  As part of the bridging process this is one of the steps so please mark your calendars for this event. I will attend with the girls. Please pick up your Daisy following the meeting.  As of the this moment I do not have the finishing time, but will get that to you as soon as I find out. Please have your 1st grade Daisy in uniform. Kindergarten Daisies will not attend this function as they wont be bridging till next year.

 NEXT MEETINGS:Our next meetings are March 6th and 13th. They are back to back Fridays due to the Spring Break.  We are focusing on the Respect for Authority Petals.  I have a call into the NR Fire Station to arrange a field trip on the 13th. I will send out notice as soon as the plans are finalized.  Parents will be responsible to making arrangements to transport their Daisies to and from the station. Parents do not need to stay for the visit.

 Cookie Sales:We will have extra cookies, due to some unforeseen events our troop will have a limited number of boxes ( variety/quantity will be available on Monday 23rd) First come first serve. $4 per box due when picking up.  On a similar note, if you have boxes of cookies that are not deliverable or customer has changed their mind, please contact us we can sell them so that you are not footing the bill for the cookies.

 WEBSITE:As part of our effort to remain Green, we are a paperless troop as much as we can be. Please check the website    I will continue to post my emails, especially if you are not receiving them due to spam filters.  You may have to scroll to find the information or use the search box in the upper left corner.  Type the word you are looking for  EX: INVESTITURE  and click the SEARCH BLOG button immediately to the right. The post with the word will appear and you can scroll through them narrowing down your search to a few possible posts.  To view all the posts again there will be a grey box just under the title saying Showing posts for query her. Show all posts  Click the Show All Posts button.

 CAMPING Dads who wish to join their Daisy on the overnight camping trip please advice me as we will need to make separate sleeping arrangement for you after lights out. I have already heard of one Dad who will be braving it with all the ladies, any other takers? Please notify me by March 6th if you believe a Daisy Dad will be attending.

Looking to the future:

  • February 16- March 15th: Delivery of cookies and collection of monies.
  • March 6th: Meeting 3:15 Respect for Authority Petal/Cookie Sales Awards
  • March 9th: 1st grade daisies attend Brownie Meeting 3:15 Multipurpose room
  • March 13th: Meeting 3:15 possible trip to NR Fire Department. If we are unable to visit we will have a fireman present at our meeting.
  • March 16th: Monies due from cookie sales
  • April 3rd: Permission slips go out for Camping trip
  • April 17: Permission slips due for camping
  • May 8th: Meeting 3:15
  • May 22nd: Meeting 3:15
  • May 30th- 31st: 3 p.m Overnight camping trip, Trefoil Oaks Troop house, Kenosha Wisconsin 
  • June 5th: Final Awards Ceremony/ Bridging Ceremony for 1st graders. 6:30

Wendy Winkler



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