Thursday, February 19, 2009

Investiture Tomorrow.

What a year so far!  The investiture marks our half way point of the year and you really should be so proud of your Daisy.

  • Daisies must be in tunic uniform, yellow tab on LEFT shoulder.  
  • Daisies must be there PROMPTLY at 6:15
  • Siblings are encouraged to come. Please keep in mind that due to the # of girls our ceremony portion of the evening is roughly 52 min. 
  • Please bring your camera. If you are videotaping.... Please let me know as several people have asked about possible copies. We will have someone take a picture of your Daisy receiving her pin/badges, so that you dont have to view this event through a camera lens and can enjoy it. During the ceremony, our photographer will also get the troop photo as well.  These photos will be placed on the Walgreens website for you to order from and pick up at will.
  • Refreshments will be served immediatly following the ceremony. Please stay and help up celebrate!
  • PAPERWORK  will be on hand !   I have it in my bag already! For those of you who have not completed or were missing one, this is the time to pick it up.  Thank you for your patience in getting this to you.  Dues will be due at the meeting. Please make checks payable to TROOP 41184 as we now are official and have a checking account! Yeah!
  • We are all excited to see our girls tomorrow night!

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