Monday, March 02, 2009

March 6th: Next meeting

Dear Parents,

A quick reminder that this Friday March 6 is our Daisy meeting and because of Spring Break ( I know can you believe it) Our next meeting is next week, March 13th.


Girls should be in Daisy uniform for the remainder of the meetings:

White shirt/, Daisy Tunic  (any bottoms may be worn.) 

Tan pants complete a formal daisy attire and we only require them for the Daisy ceremony’s or fieldtrips*.  ( *Coming in April)


Any scrapbooking parents? Can you send your Daisy with one or two sheets of scrapbooking paper (preferable different patterns) on Friday in their backpack?  We are doing a special project that will continue to the march 13th meeting. 

On a side note: Any parents willing to donate some time to the next two meetings, please contact Wendy



So far I have only 2 Dads for the campout.  Due to the facility being at Full capacity, we have 2 options , Tent and for those less adventurous we will find a near by motel. Dads will retire at lights out roughly 9-9:30?  and will return by 7:30 a.m.


I will let you know which motel we have found by the end of the month. We will get 1 room per 2 dads.

Families committed for Earth Hour 2009,



Yours in Scouting,

Wendy Winkler

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