Sunday, January 04, 2009

Dear Parents and Daisies, 

Hope the holidays have created many happy memories for you.  We are very excited to get on to our next meeting on January 9th. Please have your daisy wear a Blue or White shirt.

 We will now be taking our permanent residence in the Multi-purpose room.  Due to previous commitments were unable to start our meeting off there. A reminder to teachers will be sent out that a leader will pick up the girls at their room prior to dismissal.  Your Daisy may be picked up  from the multipurpose room following the meeting at 4:30. Please mark your calendars with the correct time.  Our original 5p.m. ending time was slightly long for some of our Daisies.

 So far our girls have earned their Violet Petal : Be a sister to every Girl Scout.,as we have talked about friendship and how to be a friend and what it means.  We also completed a craft, Thanks Mrs. Kanatas, the Daisy friendship bracelet.  We hope all the girls enjoyed making it.

 By participating in the Village Tree ornament making and outing the girls are one step closer to their Rose: Make the world a better place badge ( if your daisy was unable to attend the evening activities, it will disqualify her from this badge)

 We will continue to earn the Blue: PROMISE badge at our next meeting.  We did an interactive story about Juliette Low, Founder of the Girl scouts, and the girls participated in their first flag ceremony where they continued to learn the girl scout Promise.  Each meeting a different group of girls will take turns hosting the flag ceremony.

 At our next meeting we will be working on our PURPLE Respect Myself & Others Respect Myself & Others badge. This will be a continuation of our VIOLET  friendship badge.  Following the meeting the girls will be asked to collect one or two items that will make up a care package to be sent to a local shelter. Items we will need will include packages of toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, wet wipes, soap, deodorant and combs. They may bring these Items to the January 23rd meeting This activity will lead them into their next badge SPRING GREEN : Considerate and caring.

As you can see we are well on our way of earning our Full Daisy Badges for the year.

Now for the really exciting Stuff:   It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!  Yeah!
And what’s even better, your Daisy can be a part of THE Largest Fund Raiser for girls. This is the first year that Daisies will be able to participate in this event. Our troop will have the opportunity to earn, .75c for each box sold, to be used for future outings and or crafts.

 We understand that this sale may not be for everyone and are giving the families the choice to opt out of the sales if they choose by signing the permission slip marked DECLINE.  This way we can easily account for all girls.

 Cookie information will go home with the girls on Friday. If you would like to receive your packet earlier in the week please email me or call to set up a time to pick it up.   Door to Door sales are not permitted by Daisies and we will not be participating in Retail sale set ups. Your Daisies are encouraged to call upon just close friends and families.

 Forms Dues and Registrations:

Please continue to keep them coming in, if you have not received your paperwork please contact me.

A reminder: Dues for 1 parent are $10

                   Girls Dues are $30  ( $10 to the girl scout council and $20 to cover troop expenses)

                  Total per family $40

Checks may be made to Joan Kanatas (who is handling our treasurer duties until we find a replacement, Any takers?)

 We look forward to seeing you and your Daisies on Friday , January 9th    3:15 – 4:30


Yours in Scouting

Wendy Winkler, Joan Kanatas, Katherine Kowal, Renata Coffey, 

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